INTRODUCING our baby sister label Real Pretty Loved, home of our original up-cycled designs!

bottles upcycled as vases

As part of our quest to add MORE JOY, once you've loved your RPK enough, we're extending your product's life cycle and the life cycle of your love for us with this closed loop production initiative.

HERE's HOW you can take part:

🤍 1. return your pre-loved RPK to us for upcycling + get a 15% RP🤍Club discount on your next RPK purchase.

Pre-Loved Return d
etails to be found here


💚 2. Shop here for RP🤍 (our newly upcycled RPK pieces)

These will come online as and when available, and promoted via our socials. 

Any stock that doesn't sell will be given to Tweens in need at Christmas. 👊

We're excited to be able to add to our zero waste efforts in this way and THANK YOU as always for shopping with us.

Any questions please reach out to us on email


Sorry, there are no products in this collection