G'Day, Hola, Bonjour, Hello from REAL PRETTY KIND. Welcome to the Tweendom ☀️

WE DESIGN TO EMPOWER pretty bold, pretty smart, pretty kind, fun-loving tweens; ready to dream big + rock their futures! 

Our philosophy's simple: TWEENS TO THE FRONT. With gear that's got your back.

And to walk the talk on that, we design AND we donate $ support, for causes closest to Tweens' hearts: body positivity and anti-bullying ~ with every RPK purchase. 

To the traditional owners of this magnificent land where our collections are inspired and designed ~ we pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. 

For MORE JOY in your Tweendom (and less of the rest) sign up. Dive In. And get on Board! 

Here's what's in-store...

⚡️ Cult collectable, ethically made 'Every-Body' tween streetwear that'll take you from park to party + back again. Tough + chic enough still, to pass on once you've outgrown, or send back to us for a 'Pre-Loved' discount on your next purchase.

Plus 10% MEMBERS DISCOUNT on first purchase for all newsletters subscribers + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING for orders over pre-tax AUD$100. 💥 

⚡️ #peopleandplanetkind gifts ('TWEEN THINGS') championing Tween FRIENDSHIP and SELF-CARE (plus work a treat for those special mama / teacher /neighbour gifting occasions throughout the year 💖) 

Click through for all-you-really-want in eco-friendly BFF postcards, ltd edition artist collab colouring in books, cute stickers, mini scented candle pots for Tweens at home + RPK's essential oil wellness roller Liquid Joy ...plus more in the pipeline. 

⚡️ And, because it  should be ALL GOOD IN THE TWEENHOOD, WE PROUDLY SUPPORT Bully Zero + The Butterfly Foundation - kicking bullying + body shaming (two of Tweens' key concerns) to the curb, with our donations every time you shop with us. Tweens standing with their fellow Tweens. Go you!

For additional support we're also home to some useful Tween resources tabbed at the bottom of this page - for you, your friends or family to turn to when needed.

⚡️ Lastly, championing Tween spirit's got us raising Tween voices too.  
Meet (+ join if you would like ?!) the SQUAD. Our one-of-a-KIND roving crew of Tween Reporters, each sharing their views from around the globe on these Tween Times. Simply email us here.

For theirs and more fun awesomeness, activities + essential family inspo in the Tweendom, check our quarterly Reality Bites Zine

Here's to You.
Our Kind. Real Pretty Kind. 

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Shop Clothing

Every Body rocks a Tee & Sweat. That’s why they’re our signature staples. Sign Up to the newsletter 'cos our fashion drops land + sell out FAST. Best be in the know!⚡️ ALTERNATIVELY... skip the queue by shopping our one off subscription 'Club' bundle. Our 2020 Club (or 'Mini' version of) gets you sweet product discounts ; surprise gifts; and free shipping in the first delivery.😘 And whatever you buy ~ we donate! busting bullying + negative body image via our two incredible charity partners. 'Cos who needs the negativity?? More Joy is where it's at here peeps. x #YouCanSitWithUS

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Celebrating Self Care and Togetherness with our friends, RPK's TWEEN THINGS Gifts Line's a no-fail portal for birthday solutions, Christmas stocking fillers and no-reason-at-all KIND gestures. We also suggest trying our personal fave: Gifting + Self-gifting = #livingyourbestlife 👍😀🌟
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