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Tweens + Teens bodies, minds and emotions are shaping into the adults they’ll become.

And yet at a time when our rapidly growing up people are developing in all sorts of ways, there’s few brands that tailor to that.

Happily, at RPK tailoring’s what we do.

We believe Body Positivity’s a life skill – and we thread it right through our offer.

RPK’s no-love-for-labels attitude’s got you gear guaranteed to make you feel 100% rad.

Here’s how…


Easy – it’s tough, stylish, versatile, comfortable…tween-perfect.

Also tees are possibly THE MOST democratic wardrobe item you can own.

E V E R Y B O D Y rocks them. Sweatshirts too for that matter. 

Also, fundamentally, what Tweens love best to wear. So naturally, what their parents get best bang for buck from.

And with superior cut and fabric special enough for occasion dressing, yet tough enough to take to the streets daily, you’re guaranteed more value and less waste on both wallet and environment.




We are not 'off the shelf' or 'disposable fashion'.
We are hand made with love. And every. stitch. thought. through.

There is a reason for this.

Part of not loving labels (size, gender, race, image or otherwise) means we don’t dictate style or fit.

So to ensure our garments still hang well on a maximum range of body shapes, we designed our own signature RPK pattern.

A cut designed to add more joy to Tweens wardrobes, empowering them to look and feel rad - from the inside out as well as outside in.

Armpits and necklines and hem length designed for an active as well as a stylish life - with minimal visibility inside.

Waists and chest dimensions boxy to allow for body shape changes whilst still looking ultra flattering.

Trims made from the tee fabric itself to avoid itchy and irritating bits that kids find so annoying.

Colours that are gender agnostic or not dictated as gender specific by us. All hand dyed and unique. Inspired by the Aussie life all the world loves. Laid back sophistication with a hint of Forever Summer + city meets sea.

Say hello to a level of care that’s not cookie cutter. It’s tailored. For more tween joy.


The Tweendom’s a time of growth and glory and fluctuations in size come with the territory! Range is important. And we’re believers.

Given the average ‘tween’ brand defines the term as 8-12 years, our 6-16 size range arguably breaks the mould (YAY).

That said, we’re a small business and it’s early days for us still.

If we’re missing a size for you, please write in. Or hang tight. We’ll always be adding more options when we can. Stay tuned…



Anyone you know like being referred to as ‘Medium’?

We think not.

We've got you covered. RPK’s sizing system isn’t age or letter based, but 'stellar' style - devised from the belief we’re all of us stars no matter our size. 

Ages 6-8/8-10/10-12/12-14/14-16 each gain a unique star size marked by colour.

For translation back to conventional age based sizing, visit our size guide here.

Stellar. That's a label cool enough to wear on the outside of your attire. So yep, we did that too – sitting PRETTY on the side seam. ✨ 


We want to see TWEENS out there rocking our wares. Models, Non-Models. All genders. All abilities. Every Body. 

The models we show currently are all SQUAD reps + friends of RPK. Volunteers rocking our threads with pride. 
If you're keen on sharing your snaps we'd love to see them. Tag us on Instagram and add our hashtag #realprettykind to your post to be featured. We'd love that! 

Get on board. Join the movement. More JOY for all. 

Importantly too - in an age of filters and editing we don't touch up our photos. Scars, freckles, acne, lines, folds, brows, birthmarks... we see these as the traces of Human Beingness that make us unique + exquisite. And non-plastic. And you don't want to get us started on plastic...

Tweens in our own photoshoots are the real deal. That's all folks. 

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