Looking for the perfect fit? 👌 We know Every Body is unique, which can make the universal age = size approach flawed, right?!


We recognise your bod’s in a constant state of ‘becoming’ so RPK's sizing reflects your trajectory to new and ever-greater stellar heights.🚀🚀🚀


GOLDEN YELLOW STAR GOLD STAR Aus sizing 8-10 years old (early tweens). 

You’re not a ‘kid’ any more. Welcome to the Tweendom! That said you may be older than “8-10” and simply want this size tee. Sweet. And THAT is why we don't work by age or ‘Small’ 

BLUE STAR BLUE STAR Aus sizing 10-12 years old (early mid-tweens). 

You may well have hit double digits now - rocking and rocketing into your new-found junior adulthood. Go you! We’ve got you covered.

Blush Pink Star  BLUSH STAR Aus sizing 12-14 years old (late-mid tweens). 

Still cruising nicely at this new altitude, you're on a winning trajectory and owning your space. Your style and your bod may be a-changin' though, so check out our size chart to be sure of the fit you are after.

forest green star FOREST STAR Aus sizing 14-16 years old (tweens-to-teenage). 

You'd be forgiven for thinking this means you've outgrown us. Nooooooo!  Every body’s unique and we know plenty of you will rock this size still at Tween-age.

This size is also great for guys who love an over-size tee. And girls who'd like a looser fit to wear slung low on one shoulder as a dress with boots.

We're guessing you've a clear idea about how you want to wear our tees and sweats so please tag us and add hashtag #thisisrealpretty so we can spot you repping our look on the street 👌⚡️ 

WHITE STAR SIZE WHITE STAR Aus sizing Medium Adult.

In the sweatshirt this is a roomy box shape style that should flatter a majority of body shapes.

In our t-shirts (yet to be released) we will be including the BLACK STAR which is a size larger than the WHITE, to allow a wider range of torso shapes and bust sizes. Stay tuned! 


RPK garment size guide



Returns are such a fizzer.

Don't dull the sparkle on your post-purchase pleasure by having to head straight back to the PO! Please be sure + take the time now. Check your dims against the size guide and see which stellar level is yours.  

You'll know, because your own dims will sit smaller than the sizes for the garment in the table above.

And if in doubt, we've left Aus Standard Sizing there to cross-reference to.👊