LIQUID JOY Essential Oil Rollerblend

LIQUID JOY Essential Oil Rollerblend

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Meet our essential oil roller blendĀ created bespoke for RPK by our dear friend Ā Courtney + Babes.

An expert blend of purest botanicals Grapefruit, FrankincenseĀ + Lime, designed for uplifting, confidence and radiating positivity in a nano-secondĀ šŸ™ŒĀ 

Nifty enough for pocketsĀ + pencil cases alike, JOY makesĀ the perfect BFF-Gift andĀ Self-Gift ā€“ weā€™ve heard reports of being especially great around Back to School time.

5% profits go to our charity partners. Go you! Be JOY-full. Why wouldnā€™t you?Ā šŸ˜˜


  • Grapefruit, FrankincenseĀ + Lime essential oils.
  • The fractioned coconut oil base in a glass rollerblend vial.
  • Keep out of eyes and mouth as this liquid is for olfactory use not consumption.

Entirely natural and made for sensitive skins. A useful recommendation for this and all topical treatments however: always conduct a small skin patch test to the inner wrist and do not use if your skin reacts.