Meet The Squad

Situated in L.A; Singapore; Berlin; Brighton; London; Melbourne; Sydney; Perth and Brisbane Australia; we have a global gang that traverses the tween age range all answering your big questions from their perspective. 

Get to know them a little better here 👇




⚡️Chloe : L.A. USA


Living in Los Angeles and born in New York City, I miss New York foods like hot dogs, bagels, and pretzels, but I love living close to the beach. I love gymnastics too, my friends, my family and school. Yes for REAL I love school! When not at gym prac l like acrobatics, handball, watching YouTube, making slime, sketching or climbing trees in the park. My dream is to one day be a circus performer, artist or photographer.

My name is Chloe + I'm repping RPK.

⚡️ Ruby : Sydney AUS


Hey! I love fashion, food, the beach and sun. I am constantly driven to find my happiest most peaceful state - always striving for experiences that make my personality beam !!  

My name is Ruby + I'm repping RPK.



⚡️Emily : Perth AUS

EMILY J PRIOR WEARING #RealPrettyKind slogan t-shirt YOU CAN SIT WITH US


Passionate about wheelchair rugby, soccer, singing along to my latest playlist, making films and hanging with my friends and family.. I think people use the word “pretty” too often and it kind of suggests that the way we look is more important than other qualities. There are more important things - for example being kind, being fair, inclusive, cooperating and friendly; or placing value on our attitude, our effort and being our true authentic self!

Happy to be here.

My name is Emily Prior + I'm repping RPK

⚡️Leroy : Berlin GER

Hey! I’ve been living in Berlin for over a year and I’m interested in public speaking and the arts. Oh yeah, and I like to play games, draw pictures and keep it REAL. 
I recently had an exhibition here in Berlin for some of my art, I started off in a school I didn’t like, learning a language I didn’t think I could learn, I was harassed and bullied a bit... and then, I changed school.

My name is Leroy + I'm repping RPK.



⚡️ Eliza : Brighton UK


Hi! I’ve lived in Brighton all my life and I really love the artiness and freedom of the place. I love to perform; and I love singing, acting and drumming. I’m much more confident on stage 😊. 
I think that it is important to do what is RIGHT and not what is easy.

My name is Eliza + I'm repping RPK.


⚡️Anya : Melbourne AUS


Hi! My name is Anya and I’m 10 years old. I really enjoy going to school, and I am the Snr School Council Captain of my class. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I have Italian + Croatian heritage. 
I love modelling and acting, and go to Musical Theatre classes every week after school (which I’m very passionate about!). And also enjoy playing netball, gymnastics and jumping and flipping on the trampoline. Another of my fave hobbies is riding my bike with my younger sister, Maya. 
I absolutely LOVE the idea of being Real Pretty Kind, especially the inspiration to #BEYOURSELF

My name is Anya + I'm repping RPK.


⚡️Dee Dee : London UK


Hi! I love horses, singing, playing my flute, writing music, animals and writing books. I always love to go on holiday to somewhere warm and where there are beaches, ice-cream and wildlife areas.
My dream is to have a job where I can be around animals and people.
I really love 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' because the characters and plot are my favourite style where every moment is a clue. I also love the film Pitch Perfect. 

My name is Dee Dee + I’m repping RPK.



⚡️Lilliana : Singapore



Hi there! I am a third culture kid: born in Singapore but my mum is from Australia and my dad is from Wales. To me it is normal to have 21 different nationalities in your class at school, with everyone celebrating unique traditions and holidays, and speaking lots of languages. I love being based in Asia as I am lucky and get to travel a lot. I speak English but also Mandarin. In my spare time I love sports - Basketball, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Athletics, and Gymnastics. And I have a dog called Rosie who I hang out with.

My name is Lilliana + I'm repping RPK.


⚡️ Lily : Brisbane AUS



Hi everyone! I love nature. I love getting out on adventures + exploring new places. Spending time with family + friends. And taking care of animals.
I think KIND is cool. Real is better than fake. And that a smile can fix A LOT of things.

My name is Lily + I’m repping RPK.


⚡️Emerson : Sydney AUS


Loving my family & friends, dogs, Fridays, summer, the beach, rainbows and chocolate. I am creative and artistic and I think I am pretty funny and kind. I think it would be so amazing if we could all remember this... to treat everyone with kindness and not because they are kind to you but because that's just who you are..

My name is
Emmy + I'm repping RPK.



⚡️ Bailee : Sydney AUS

Girl in RPK #electricbreton tshirt smiles at the camera


Hi there! I love exploring and travelling the world, learning about other cultures and customs. At home you can find me singing, dancing, skiing, horse riding, listening to music, reading or hanging with my best friend Sophie or favourite side kick, Alfie the Groodle. 
I think keeping it REAL is important because it’s about being the best ‘you’ that you can be. No one is like you so be true to yourself and show everyone who you really are

My name is Bailee + I'm repping RPK.