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We believe Tween times should be some of your Best Times. But with anxiety on the rise amongst young kids, we're on a quest to be that brand that has their back. Ours is an attitude as much as a label. And one to take rocking into their futures with maximum whoops, hugs and belly laughs.

Our primary mandate:  MORE JOY! LESS OF THE REST.

Empowering Tweens to live their best life positively, powerfully + kindly.

The fuel: intelligent Tween-friendly Content; covetable Streetwear; and cool 'Tween Things' that champion their Togetherness + Tween spirit.
We're for : Cheering each other on; Lifting each other up; and Celebrating each other's dreams, goals and wins. For a "future so bright it hurts our eyes" (to quote Oprah). 

Watch this space for updates/ sign up to our low spam, high in FUN newsletters. And get social with us on Instagram for all the cool snippets you'll not get to see here!

Below's our People and Planet Kind philosophy that guides our brand choices, our product and content creation, relationships and community partnerships.

If you're interested and ever want to take part, please reach out via our contacts page. x   



After reaching out to hundreds of tweens and teens before launch, two key concerns became very clear. Bullying + Body image.

You spoke, we listened.

RPK support causes that pay back to those concerns and tries to help resolve them.

So when you buy with us, know you're supporting your brothers and sisters ⚡️⚡️ For every Real Pretty Kind Streetwear piece, 5% profits ( + more on specific merch) heads to:


Protecting young people from bullying and violence +


Fighting the fight against negative body image 




Tweens + Teens bodies, minds and emotions are shaping into the adults they’ll become.

And because no body wants to limit their spark with the word “Medium” we’re actively ANTI labels (size, gender, race, image or otherwise).

Being inclusive and ‘for every body’ is one action that can literally transform a life.

Here's how...



Stylish, versatile, comfortable yet cool…

There's a reason our signature Streetwear product’s sweatshirts and tees. They're possibly THE MOST democratic wardrobe item you can own.

E V E R Y B O D Y rocks them. Sweatshirts too for that matter. 

They’re also, fundamentally, what Tweens love best to wear. So naturally, what their parents get best bang for buck from.

With superior cut and fabric special enough for occasion dressing, and tough enough to take to the streets.

High quality matched x versatility = more value and less waste on both wallet and environment. Smart. 👊



We are not 'off the shelf' or 'disposable fashion'.
We are hand made with love. And every. stitch. thought. through.

There is a reason for this. Part of not loving labels means we don’t dictate gender styles or age fit.

So to ensure our garments still hang well on a maximum range of body shapes, we designed our own signature RPK pattern.

A cut designed to add more joy to Tweens wardrobes, empowering them to look and feel rad - from the inside out as well as outside in.

Armpits and necklines and hem length are designed for an active as well as a stylish life - with minimal visibility inside.

Waists and chest dimensions are boxy to allow for body shape changes whilst still looking ultra flattering.

Trims are made from the tee fabric itself to avoid itchy and irritating bits that kids find so annoying.

Colours are gender agnostic, hand dyed and unique. reflective of the Aussie life all the world loves. Laid back style with a hint of Forever Summer + city meets sea.

This level of care is not cookie cutter. It’s made for you.

2 (C) RANGE: 

Given the average ‘tween’ brand defines the term as 8-12 years, our 6-16 size range arguably breaks the mould (YAY).
The Tweendom’s a time of growth and glory and fluctuations in size come with the territory! Range is important. And we’re believers.

That said, we’re a small business and it’s early days for us still.

If we’re missing a size for you, please write in. Or hang tight. We’ll always be adding more options when we can. Stay tuned…


Looking for your size? We've got you covered. But not as you're used to. 

RPK’s sizing system isn’t age or letter based, but 'stellar' style - devised from the belief we’re all of us stars no matter our size. 

Ages 6-8/8-10/10-12/12-14/14-16 each gain a star not a number, and their own unique star colour way.

Stellar. That's a label cool enough to wear on the OUTSIDE of your attire. So yep, we did that too. For your size, check the side seam. ✨ For translation back to conventional age based sizing, visit our size guide here.


We want to see TWEENS out there rocking our wares. Models, Non-Models. All genders. All abilities. Every Body. 

The models we show currently are all SQUAD reps + friends of RPK. Volunteers rocking our threads with pride. 
If you're keen on sharing your snaps we'd love to see them. Tag us on Instagram and add our hashtag #realprettykind to your post to be featured. We'd love that! 

Get on board. Join the movement. More JOY for all. 



Importantly in an age of filters and editing we don't touch up our photos. Scars, freckles, acne, lines, folds, brows, birthmarks.. we see these as the traces of Human Beingness that make us unique + exquisite. And non-plastic. And you don't want to get us started on plastic...

Tweens in our own photoshoots are the real deal. That's all folks. 



We believe the fashion industry can be giving back in more ways than one. And we’re on a mission to do just that.

 RPK people and planet kind

  a) For PEOPLE

Our talented makers, artists and crafts people, share our passion for artisanal, ethical, sustainable fashion and gifting.

They’re also mostly mamas.Why?

An estimated 40.3million people live in modern slavery worldwide. 71% of whom are women.

Raising gender parity in the Fashion Industry and making positive social impact is core to our Mama-daughter back story as a family business. And we believe makes for a better world – paying it forward to the Tweendom as a whole.



ALWAYS ORGANIC where we can, reducing pollutants for local makers, the planet, bees, and your bod. AND ZERO WASTE AIMS through a bunch of ways:

First – small batch production.

This ensures all our pieces fly and none left for landfill.
This does mean Drops land and sell out fast though. So SIGN UP to our love mail to avoid disappointment. And then bask in the knowledge your RPK’s got A+ limited edition, collectability status.

Second - fabric waste innovation.

Fun fact: 15% of all fashion industry fabric hits the cutting room floor. This ends up in landfill and we’re against that.

SO here’s how we flip that:

1. Scrap fabrics for hair ties to mix and match with your tees (cute)
2. Scrap fabrics for pillows for the homeless
3. Scrap fabrics for pulp cotton in swing tags and all our stationary products which are recycled paper or cotton based waste.

Third – closed loop production

We care where our product ends up. So much so we invest in upcycling or giving any pre-loved RPK to Tweens-in-Need each Christmas c/o our lil’ sister label, REAL PRETTY LOVED.

And pay you to help us 😊 Check out the savings for you here.

This is not where the Sustainability story ends.  It’s being refined ongoing – and already further along than most. Because we believe the Tweendom needs our commitment – now and for the legacy we leave.

We’ll be keeping you posted.


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