#rpkartclubbers welcome to Reality Bites’ TRUTH Edition. And who better to feature than American 1960s legend: Andy Warhol. 

Credited with inspiring the widely used expression your “15 minutes of fame” Andy's work celebrates the every day – every thing and every one. Seemingly nothing is off limits. And like many of the greats, he challenges our preconceived notions of what ‘Art’ actually is.

His background as an illustrator in advertising, deepened an existing fascination with society – specifically our relationships with commerce and celebrity. Popular culture was king.

Andy's TRUTH: a rebellious streak. Why can’t the ‘everyday’ be extraordinary?

This thinking is epitomised in perhaps one of his best known pieces the silkscreen Campbell’s Soup Can portrait series.


Image The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Deeply philosophical on one level – his art is accessible to everyone. It’s playful. It POPs (an art movement in its own right) and blows the lid off old-guard art world elitism.

We’re hero-ing him here for owning his truth, honing his thinking, and allowing it to evolve outside of traditional ‘Art’ boundaries. And by shining his light he attracted a cult following.

His world view attracted New York’s cool kids and soon his studio ‘The Factory’ became a hang out for bohemians and socialites alike, as well as his creative hub.

Prolific and versatile, Andy produced his artwork; founded Interview Magazine (pictured in the cover shot here); managed and produced experimental rock band the Velvet Underground; promoted a series of individuals known as ‘Warhol Superstars’; as well as authoring numerous books.

RPK challenge: what can you find in your every day that you could hero? It could be something mundane in your routine you decide to turn to a ritual. Or your favourite ice cream you decide to paint onto your t-shirt. Or view out your window worthy of a poem.

A simple crack in the pavement could be your inspo. Try it. A new world view could change your day.




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Happy days.
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