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Founder The Daily Escape
Rockstar Fit App and Keeping it Real TV

Hey Nat!
We've long admired your motivation of others' health and fitness

Briefly tell us what triggered your pursuit of this cause 

I have always worked towards staying fit and healthy, but it was when I decided to get more serious and dedicate more time to it , that it became more than a passion. I realised I could impact people’s lives in a positive way, and I also love proving that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, no matter what age.



Many of our Tween community have a passion or purpose but perhaps haven't found their voice yet - or the appropriate platform to share their message. 

What practical and emotional barriers did you have to overcome to get your voice heard when you were a Tween?

I was definitely too worried about what other people thought – especially my friends. So that stopped me thinking outside the box and I was too scared to be different.

Do you have a top tip you'd recommend to other young readers who have found their passion or purpose, but haven't yet found their voice or way to share their message with others

My 3 top tips are

  1. Be true to yourself.
    Have the confidence to voice what you believe. And know that not everyone will agree with you, but that is ok.

  2. Be consistent.
    Have a message, passion, belief and stick to it. Don’t jump from one thing to another.

  3. Be patient.
    Anything good takes time. It could be years until you see the results you want, so know that it is a commitment (FYI - it has taken 4 years to build my social media following)



Of course we HAVE to ask this question: what are you most proud of having achieved in the pursuit of your purpose? 

Always staying genuine to myself and my beliefs and showing that hard work and dedication pays off. It also pushes me out of my comfort zone every day which forces me to evolve, learn and grow.

Has it helped to empower you simply in having a purpose? If so please explain.

YES! It keeps me honest knowing that other people rely on me for their inspiration or motivation.  I feel like I am accountable to be my own best self to the people that take the time to message me and follow me.



Did your purpose affect your friendship group or popularity or socially gain you respect in any way?

I think it will for anyone. People are drawn to others who have great energy and want to be part of it.  Others are threatened by it sadly, so there will always be haters too.  You can’t control either and just have to keep moving forward on your own journey, doing what you believe in. The important thing is always to remain humble and thankful, no matter what.




Please offer your best piece of advice to any Tweens feeling unfit/ or untalented at sports/ or perhaps body negative - practically or emotionally.

You are only given one body and unless you value it, no one else will.

It all starts with one small step and one tiny change, so pick one positive thing you can do each day and that is your win. Whether it’s eating something healthy, a walk outside or some loving words to yourself, and then do the same every day, and every day after that.  This will change your life forever, unlike a crash diet.



Ok so now let's put the Tweens through their paces shall we?! Please share some exercises they could try at home on the daily and get those endorphins pumping.⚡️⚡️

I always love doing these exercise because there is zero excuse that you can’t!

Air Squats.

When you are brushing your teeth morning and night – do squats!  Simply up and down for at least 1 minute, as you get better try doing it during the day 3 more times, and grab a friend to do it with to keep you honest.


Roll out of bed, do it while watching Netflix or whenever you can.  Start with a time you can manage – even if it’s 10 seconds – and then try and work up to 1 minute or more. Remember to clench your butt and stomach as this works your whole body!  Challenge your friends to see how long they can hold it for.


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