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As Tweens, we become aware of the world differently to when we were younger. 

Maybe for the first time we start looking up to others in their adulthood and wonder: how did they get there? what did their 'Tweens' feel like? 

Enter RPK Diaries : a curated collection of behind the scenes human success stories dedicated to the Tweendom. And whilst all unique, they've one consistent theme: 'find your YOU, and do that on purpose'.

Today we're introducing you to Founder + Creator of The Happy News, Emily Coxhead, who’s charting her own stellar course bright enough for the rest of us to tag along in the stardust.

Like RPK, Emily's all about the JOY. Real joy that is. No fake additives. She tells it as it is. And this REALness - notwithstanding her rainbow injected designs - have won hearts the world over. When we were Tweens we probably wanted to be her. (Not technically possible if you do the math 😊). Which is why we were more than a little thrilled when she wrote in for the Diaries.

Emily over to you! 


Please share your backstory. Where did you grow up?

Euxton, a small village in rural Lancashire in the North West of England.

They say home is where the heart is. Where's home for you?

I’m currently between two homes! Home is currently my family home where I grew up (now my Dad’s house) but me and my fiancé who also lives with me are currently renovating our own house, we’re hoping to move in soon, eek!

And then there's my office, the tiniest little office in all the land. It’s full of little trinkets I’ve collected over the years, special memories and photos which make me super happy.


Great segue way! Please describe your job (for those that don't know it!)

I guess I’m a designer, creative, writer, illustrator, entrepreneur and sometimes photographer, tea drinker and biscuit lover (haha). My job isn’t one thing and definitely doesn’t look the same day to day which keeps things interesting.


 Image credit Emily Coxhead

It's not something most Tweens know "What they'll do when they 'grow up'." Not to mention careers aren't necessarily linear anymore.
Did you know you were going to do this when you were at school? If not, briefly describe what you had in mind then and how you came to do this instead.

I feel quite lucky in the sense I have always known since I was little that I wanted to do something creative however I had no idea what that looked like as a job, career or future. I’ve kind of made it up as I go along and created the perfect job for me in the process.

Togetherness is one of our brand tenets. And Friendship's a huge deal for Tweens and Teens. What does friendship mean to you? 

I know it’s the cliché but as you get a bit older and everyone takes their own paths and you lose touch with some friends it’s those who are still there checking in every now and then and those you can pick up where you left off, no matter how long it’s been inbetween.

Also laughter is the best medicine and I never stop laughing or chatting when I’m with my friends.


At Real Pretty Kind we're all about a good tee. How it makes you feel. And that it's such a democratic wardrobe item - for everybody and every situation. And often there's great stories attached to a favourite tee. Do you have a favourite Tee or Sweatshirt?

My favourite tee is actually one that was sent to me by somebody on Instagram, it’s plain white with hand embroidery which spells out ‘SMILE’ in ASL (American Sign Language) I love it so much and it’s definitely a conversation starter

What does ‘living your best life' mean to you?

Staying true to yourself and not worrying too much about what anyone thinks of you, I’ve learnt to realise that not everyone will like you or ‘get it’ but that’s okay

 Being different is a good thing artwork by emily coxhead
 Image credit Emily Coxhead

Keeping it REAL is another of our brand tenets. What does being 'Real' mean to you and what value does it hold

Similar to my previous answer, not trying to live a completely filtered, instagrammable life because that’s just not how life works and it can be really stressful when you start comparing your pretty normal life to the highlights you see online.


Tell us three things about your tween years and any advice you'd give your younger self now 

1. Dreams really do come true… trust me! 

2. Stop hating on certain parts of you, your ‘worst’ feature (your teeth/smile) will become your favourite

3. Stop worrying about everyone else, remember to take care of you


Photo cred  @girl_behindthelens (IG)
Article cover image photo credit @emilycoxhead (IG)

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