If, like us, you believe BOOKS ARE MAGIC and hanging with our FURRY FRIENDS makes the Tweendom a more JOYous place, read on.

The Sound of Music's "These are a Few of My Favourite Things" has us wrapping all our faves into 'brown paper packages, tied up with string' to feature in each and every Reality Bites issue.

Today's Tween features are... (drum roll)...



by Milla


My name is Milla, I am 8 years old, I read Ice Monster, the author is David Walliams and the publisher is Harper Collins.

Ice Monster is based in London in 1899, where a 10 year old orphan meets a 10,000 year old mammoth and they become friends. Woolly (Ice Monster) is a frozen mammoth at the museum. Woolly gets bought back to life by Elsie (the orphan).

Elsie and her friends are determined to take the mammoth back to his home far away in the North. The story is based around their testing and challenging adventures avoiding authorities who want the mammoth returned to the Queen Victoria Museum....
I recommend reading Ice Monster because it was so addictive, fun, exciting and adventurous!  


I also read Diary of an AFL Legend, the author is Shamini Flint and the publisher is Allen & Unwin.

I thought Diary of an AFL Legend was a really easy read, funny, silly book. I read it in one day and didn’t get bored once, l also like this book because there’s lots of pictures so you understand who everyone is.

In the story Marcus’s (the main character) cousin comes to visit. Spencer (Marcus’s cousin) is very good at everything. Spencer keeps asking Marcus to play AFL with him, but Marcus is not interested. Finally Marcus agrees to play AFL! At first Marcus kicks the ball backwards!! All his team mates laugh at him and he gets really annoyed.....

I definitely recommend reading Diary of an AFL Legend and the rest of the series.



by Margaux


This is my cat Claude, he is 8 years old and he is a Bengal cross Burmese.

He is special to me because he is a very beautiful, gentle and loving cat.

Something that no one else would know about Claude is that he hates wearing a collar and always loses them.

We have lost count of how many collars he has managed to lose, and

once my grandma found one of his collars hanging from a tree branch!


Hand drawn portrait of Claude the Cat by Margaux

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