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New Year's Resolutions..

..easy to make, HARD to deliver I right??! 

We're all about empowering your success so we've evolved the 'Resolution' to a ritual we reckon you're gonna find MORE FUN (+ useful)!

The New Year's Time Capsule ūüöÄ

Like the title suggests, this is both handy + a future keepsake.
 And it's superior to the singularity of the Resolution because it works on multiple levels. Here's how:


  1. FIST PUMP: record one to two MOST cherished memories from the past year, that you feel are really worth celebrating

    (benefit : increases SELF WORTH, GRATITUDE + JOY)

  2. REFLECT: record a ritual that has proven to work in fostering your best self

    (benefit : understanding what works for you to BALANCE MOOD + ENHANCE FOCUS and essentially live your best life)

  3. DIRECT: choose a guiding word or phrase that can shine a light on to the new year's performance - kinda like a resolution but with a little more REAL-life 'give' in it, and ability to evolve than a fixed goal.

    (benefit : develops a POSITIVE MINDSET + ability to MANIFEST SUCCESS as distinct from goal making.)

Now: pop these three views somewhere safe - a journal, scrapbook, postcard box, other - because THIS is your TIME CAPSULE.

(Personally we like to make art with ours. Decorate it with sparkle and stickers and really go to town. We also pop our ritual up on the mirror to see daily. But hey...we're excitable...)

You can review what you've written any time you choose, but DEFINITELY set aside a moment mid-2020 (maybe on your birthday?) and end of next year (maybe at the start of the holidays?) to check in on how you've fared.

Works a treat as a full family exercise to all undertake and cheer each other on; OR alternatively, a quieter solo journalling ritual depending on your personality type.

UNsurprisingly¬†the SQUAD embraced the concept with gusto!! Read on.....ūüĎá for a sneak peak into their¬†time capsules, as inspo maybe for yours¬†ūü§ł‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

As ever we're impressed - and can't wait to see what next year has in store for them! And for you!!





Thank you ‚Äė19

This year I am very grateful for an amazing holiday I had in France!  I am also a very proud to have been made a Godmother to my little nephew Joey.




In the Now 

I am going to work towards becoming the best version of myself daily. Live in the moment and enjoy it. And not waste energy waiting for the next thing to happen.


Hello 2020

My guiding phrase would be ‚Äėfeel the fear and do it anyway‚Äô.



Thank you ‚Äė19

An achievement I’ve made is… trying my best in all my classes and not giving up.  I managed to get to the highest level of reading and spelling!

I am grateful for… having amazing friends and teachers.


In the Now 

Ritual: Try to do more mindfulness to help me relax

Mindset: Always try to see the bright side of a difficult situation.



Hello 2020

Refresh: I am going to put bad experiences from the past behind me and start fresh.


Thank you ‚Äė19
I am very grateful for my loan horse WiseGuy. We’ve had so much fun together this year. He is a wonderful boy but he’s getting older and has a difficulty in his leg so I can’t ride him as much anymore.

In the Now 
My quote for the next year is ‚ÄúWe will fail when we fail to try.‚ÄĚ It shows that you should always try no matter what because if you don‚Äôt, you will never succeed.

Hello 2020
In 2020, I will be focussing more to improve my learning.  Sometimes I lose track of what’s happening so I think this will help me in and outside the classroom.




Thank you ‚Äė19

I am grateful that my Level 4 gymnastics team came in first place at our state competition for the second year in a row.  We also came in first place team in the US for Level 4.  I tried my best this year and improved my personal scores as well.


In the Now 

I set positive daily goals. These are small things that I know that I can accomplish that day. For example, I want to take more time to understand people better when speaking with them.


Hello 2020

My guiding word for 2020 is "Achieve". I want to improve the way I speak with people. I want to be nicer to people and to try a lot harder. I want to try my best in everything. I know that by trying my best I can get better and achieve more.




Thank you ‚Äė19

I am grateful for my family. In 2019 alot happened and my family was always there to help me and make things better. They are my support net and my best friends, helping making 2019 the amazing year it was. 


In the Now 
Mindset is an important aspect of what I want to improve in 2020. Two of the mindsets I want to work on is self love, and self discipline. To achieve the mindset of self love each week I will look in the mirror and tell myself something I love about myself and an achievement I am proud of. To achieve the mindset of self discipline I will set achievable goals for myself. 


Hello 2020
My saying to guide me through 2020 is ‚ÄúI am patient with my progress, everything is unfolding at perfect timing‚ÄĚ. I love this saying as I feel I put pressure on myself to achieve things in a certain time, like there is a time bomb ticking + when I don‚Äôt achieve these things ‚Äúin time‚ÄĚ I compare that to the achievement of others. This saying makes me trust my growth and understand the individuality of my life.¬†



Thank you ‚Äė19

It's been a great year but one of my favourite memories and feels like my greatest achievement is being selected to be part of my school Wakikirri performance and we made it to the final! Wakikirri is a school performance night where you tell an inspiring story through dance.




In the Now 

One of my favourite things to do to make me feel calm and to be reminded of being my best self is to keep writing in my journal about my day & what I am grateful for. Another thing would be listening to my favourite music to make me feel good.

Hello 2020

My guiding word/phrase for 2020 is "Let it Be" When things get frustrating it will remind me that everything happens for a reason and to try not to feel like I need to control it.




Article Cover Image Credit: Juliet Wioland Photography

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