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We like our daily products and practices like we like our people: non-toxic! So with this in mind we decided to deep dive into one of the world’s oldest natural healing systems Ayurveda, with the burning question: can it add MORE JOY to the Tweendom??
Turns out that’s a YES! And to hear what RPK’s resident expert Tanya Curmi has to say about it, read on …..

AYURVEDA. It’s the traditional Indian system of healing - dating back some say, as far as 5000 years.

Ayurveda's teaches 'Holistic' wellness meaning the goal is not just physical, but also mental + emotional wellness. The whole of you, in the best health that you can be !
There are 100s of natural + practical daily actions in Ayurveda that you can implement to lift your wellness game – and through more wellness, gain more energy and more JOY (the mission right??!).
But with a system so BIG, your best way in is to start small - a few ‘baby steps’ daily, till they become a habit. Then you add more healthy habits + before you know it you’re living a super healthy life 😊
Designed to start your day right so you more quickly see the benefits, here’s 3 simple steps for your daily routine:


When you wake up in the morning, take a few moments while you are lying in bed to connect with your feelings. How do you feel today? Are you tired? Anxious? Sad? Energized? 

By taking a moment to check your feelings it will help you to look after those bits of yourself that might need some extra care today. 

If you are tired you may need to take it easy + be more gentle with yourself. 

If you are stressed you may need to talk to your parent, carer or teacher about how you are feeling for some guidance or support. It may also be a signal for you to do some breathing exercises to calm you down. 

And if you’re brimming with energy you could use today to be more physically active / to knuckle down and make further inroads on your assignments and/or make some time in your schedule to help others, knowing you have spare energy to give. 

Making this connection between your heart and mind a part of your day, will give you the opportunity to acknowledge whatever your feelings are + set the direction for your day's success based on where you're at.



Next: Drink a glass of filtered room temperature water first thing! 

Ayurveda recommends having water on an empty stomach to flush out toxins from your body, clearing your skin and better setting you up for maximum nutrient absorption.
Read: more energy to go do your thing...
The key t/a here is : room temperature (or slightly warm).

The body absorbs warm water more easily than cold water. Twice as fast in fact. Why is this important? Because it supports healthy digestion + when your digestion is healthy it means your body can distribute high quantities of nutrients from your food all around your body to your organs, cells + blood to keep you healthy. Ideally make sure your water is filtered to keep out any nasties.


Try a light stretch that moves your entire body and encourages your feet to feel the earth, your hands to reach for the sky and let all your muscles feel alive.

Throw on your favourite song and add a dance to get in the right mood or get outside and move your body in the fresh air and early sunlight if you prefer. It’s all endorphin promoting activity that’ll lift your mood, your heart rate and circulation.

Want to feel centred to start the day too? Look out for my yoga challenges in the next ZINE issue…


Summary take out for those at the back:

Ayurveda. Oldest wellness philosophy in the world. Caters to Body, Heart + Mind. Involves simple daily practices that can boost your wellness and add MORE JOY! But only work if you’re consistent. Invest in them like the good friends they are. On the daily 👊

Till next time 💋.
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