NO ONE deserves to be bullied!

If you or a friend are being bullied please seek help from a parent, carer or teacher you know and trust.

And stick with and stand up for your mates always. Remember we’re stronger together.  


The statistics of bullying are sadly high but there a lot of good people out there willing to take a stand.

Bullying behaviours CAN be dealt with. And one of the reasons we invest in anti bullying via our proud support of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, is to do just this. We're proud to have your back. 

So if you’re a victim, know this: where you’re at right now is not a forever situation! A victim of bullying will not stay a victim forever.

And for that matter, redemption is REAL. A bully can choose to find their way back to KINDness.


 1. Have a friend around - bullies love to pick on the isolated individual that has no back up on hand to help defend them. Cowardly but true. Keep your peeps around you. Together stronger.

2. Elevate yourself - high self esteem will help ensure you don't allow others to treat you poorly. They'll sense it and steer clear. Never let the bullies drag you down!

3. Show no emotion. Head held high. Shoulders back. Bullies feed off your negative emotions. Don't give them any. Don't give in.

4. Never stoop to their level. Bullies M.O. is to go-low. When they go low we go HIGH. Don't be them. Be you. But tell someone you trust so you have back-up.


#rpkbookclubbers we also recommended “grabbing yourself a copy of :


1. Aija Mayrock’s ‘The Survival Guide to Bullying’
2. Monique Mastrobatista's 'My discreet Bully' 


..both books that can help if you’re struggling. 

And for more help*  find links to official services for further practical advice and support on our Tween Resources page.



Here's to more KINDness and less hate.

Stay strong beauties 💪

And please seek help from parents, carers or teachers in your life if needed.

Don't go it alone.


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