At Real Pretty Kind we're firm believers in the power of dreams as a way in to MORE JOY.

But the big question for day-dream believers is how to turn 'day dream' into 'reality'??! 

At the start of the new school year for our Northern hemisphere community; and start of Spring the season of renewal, in Australia + Southern hemisphere; it seems timely to share some top tips on the topic.

Lucky for us, one of our expert panel members is CEO of Yes Get It, Helen Babb!
Here's what she had to say:


You might already have a couple of awesome dreams and goals floating around in your head. Or maybe thinking about big dreams is overwhelming. I want to share a secret with you - instead of trying to figure everything out perfectly right now, the best thing you can do is just get started. Taking one first step is how you turn your dreams into a reality.

1. Embrace the magic of right now

There’s no better time than right now to start figuring out how to make your dreams real. Don’t worry about what you have/haven’t done before, what you might/might not do in the future, or about anyone else– today is the perfect magical time to start dreaming and taking action.


2. Make the time and space

Planning is an important next step. Think about:

When are you going to sit down and get dreaming? After school one day, or this weekend? Make a plan, or put it in a calendar if you have one.

Where are you going to have no distractions from phones or other interruptions? If you need to let your parents know that you’re doing some planning and would like some time alone, do that.

How are you going to note it all down? You could get your favourite notebook, some colourful or magazines together to cut out pictures.


3. Switch your brain on and take one little action

Once you’ve got the time and space to think about your dreams, challenge yourself to think about “what is possible” not “that’s impossible”. Let your imagination go wild! Write down or draw the answers to questions like:


* What do I really like doing?

* What things sounds exciting to me?

* Why do I like those things? What feelings do I get from them?

* What do I know I’m good at and want to do more of?

* What would like to learn?

Pick one small action you can take to explore one goal you’ve written. If it’s learning about something new, start with just reading more about it. If you’re not sure, ask an adult for their help. Doing even one little thing of is the start of your journey to make your dreams real.


You’ve got this!



At Real Pretty Kind we partner with brands on a similar quest to us, spreading empowerment and joy to the Tweendom.

Yes Get It is one such organisation. Their programs equip young women specifically, with the self-awareness, confidence and tools to be bold and powerful leaders. Aimed to serve a slightly older generation than our community, they're one to have up your sleeves for the future for sure. 

Watch this space for more links to useful resources as we go beauties. And if you'd love to be involved I'm sure we'd love to have you on board - all our team are volunteers who believe in our mission. Pls give us a shout on

Merci, Thx, etcetera.  xRPK 

Photo credit with thanks, Aleksandr Ledogorov via Unsplash

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