At RPK we are literally ALWAYS on the hunt for more ways into joy.
So imagine how thrilled we were to discover science has proven a stroll barefoot on the lawn or even a pot plant on the studio desk can boost our happy?!

RPK's Plants Queen + Nature Expert, Tiny Paradise Founder Hilary Woodfine spills the beans here...👇

Nature, she says. Get amongst it!
It keeps you healthy and happy. A
nd according to research boosts your creativity and productivity too.

You can reap the benefits of nature in many ways, from taking a walk in your local park to even just having a small pot plant on your desk.

The effect that nature has on us is called ‘soft fascination’. This state is something we have all felt before, it's that feeling after a long walk on the beach of feeling totally 
relaxed but also re-energised.

Soft fascination is the opposite to the feeling you will feel whilst you are scrolling on your phone or staring at your laptop screen for hours on end.
(Not saying a thing...;))

One of the reasons for this is primal.
Natural, organic shapes, colours and textures are easy for our brains to consume - whereas many man-made or tech-made shapes can make our brains work harder.
Whilst we gaze at the sea, watch birds or stare at leaves our brains are calming down by the second.

Now we have all heard the expression "hug a tree" but you may not know about the Japanese art (and science) of “Forest Bathing”.

Shinrin Yoku as it is called on home turf, was believed so effective it was classified as a cure for depressive disorders in the 1980s by Japan's National Health Authority and is still in use today.

The idea is simple:
phytoncides : essential oils found in tree wood, are present in forest air and proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones.
Being immersed in this air, and surrounded by the textures, colours and shapes mentioned earlier that calm our brains, combines to form
a powerful mood boosting therapy. 

Benefits for all of us in our day to day include: calmer minds; a better night's sleep; increased focus and creativity; clearer intuition; boost to the immune system; and increased recovery times from injury and illness.
Tick, Tick and TICK!

Here's how to try Forest Bathing for yourself

  • Get yourself to a forest or some trees
  • Take your shoes off if you can
  • Walk slowly, being guided by feelings rather than a map
  • Embrace the forest with all your senses - sights, sounds, smells, feelings in your feet.
  • Watch for things like moving leaves, notice the breeze on your skin
  • At the end notice how you feel


If you’d like to learn more about Forest Bathing and its benefits then check out the following further reading:

Ted Talk Forest Bathing by Florence Williams

Happy trails beauties!

Hilary + RPK x ⚡️⚡️🌟


Image credit Spike Allibone via @unsplash

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