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As Tweens, we become aware of the world differently to when we were younger.

And we can look up to others in their adulthood and wonder: how did they get there? What did their 'Tweens' feel like? Could they have envisaged where they'd end up? And what does their 'today' actually look like behind the scenes?

Welcome to RPK's DIARIES

A collection of behind the scenes human success stories.
Uplifting and intimate, they're an array of portraits with one consistent theme: 'find your YOU, and do that on purpose'.

Today we're introducing you to Real Pretty Kind People + Culture Advocate and Founder of Yes Queen, Sarah Fritz. Beautiful inside and out, Sarah has been a brand buddy since inception and we can't wait for you to get to know her a little better.

Sarah over to you! xo


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mill Park, Melbourne.


They say home is where the heart is. Where's home for you? Describe it for us - how long have you lived here/ had this place?


For four years my husband Mike and I lived in a beautiful studio apartment in Abbotsford, Melbourne. The walls were covered in Mike’s art, we had a high freq coffee machine, a balcony and a neon pink love heart light – this was our sanctuary.

Currently, we are citizens of the world. We work remotely around the globe with our creative agency St Dakota and not-for-profit initiative Yes Queen.

 Photo: Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

Is there any object in the house that's special you could tell a story of/ alternatively routines you have at home that express how you live


We have a beautiful amethyst crystal cave we received from our best friends for our wedding. It is a set, so the two sides make the cave, which represent ‘twin flames’ – lovers that have been together across many lives.

I have a few rituals that help me create an ambient atmosphere – I am happiest and most productive in a calm environment. Our day usually starts with meditation, the gym and a wholesome breakky.

When I move to the laptop I use my Native Flame incense burner, make an intention for the day and set achievable goals. I then pump chill tunes or a progressive techno set – pending mood and tasks!

In the evenings I love my skin routine. Cleansing my face and using several oils and serums is my mecca. Lavender oil is applied before bed and completed with a mulberry silk sleeping mask. When it comes to self-care, more is more!


Photo: Amethyst crystal cave, ‘twin flames’.

Describe your job - title. but also what you do (for anyone that might not 'get it' from the title)

I co-own two businesses.

  1. Co-Founder and Creative Director of St Dakota, creative and brand agency. 
  2. Founder ,Yes Queen, a not-for-profit initiative on a global quest to end workplace bullying.

It is through my role at Yes Queen that I met REAL PRETTY KIND. I saw an immediate synergy with Yes Queen and Real Pretty Kind

- we share the same values and mission - a joint quest to spearhead a kindness revolution.  

I knew from the get-go we could span the generations together – RPK at school and YQ at work

As the Founder I had the idea to start this project. It took months to build the business strategy, which contained the brand identity, the creative vision and the first set of goals. How it has come to life is through a team of 60 volunteers that have dedicated their time and expertise in different areas of business and harnessing skills relevant to the project. Currently my time is spent working on brand partnerships to further our mission, editing our blog articles and nurturing our fast growing Instagram account. 


Did you know you were going to do this when you were at school? If not, briefly describe what you had in mind then and how you came to do this instead.


No! 😀 At school my favourite subjects were English, Legal Studies and Psychology – my dream at the time was to do Law and work in Juvenile Justice.

I did also love Art and Media Studies so perhaps deep down my path was destined for a creative role in Publishing.

When I was at school the paths were very linear; I think now there is a broader approach to study and careers. And no doubt the digital evolution is playing a major role in the future of work.

I did go on to study Criminal Justice and after completing this I followed my SOUL and studied Fashion and Textiles, with a passion for advertising and marketing. After this I landed a role on the advertising team at marie claire and InStyle. I spent almost a decade working on global publications before starting my own business.



Do you have a bestie? how did you meet?


Yes! My sister Kate is my BFF – a bond like no other, we’ve been through EVERYTHING together.

I also have a friendship group called the “Lovenuts” – we are 9 girls that met working at clothing store in our early 20s. 13 years later we have travelled the world together, had hens’, weddings’, babies and everything in between. It’s a soul connection made up of never ending love and support.

I am also part of a community called ‘Wildwood’ – the friendships I have made through this group were a driving force to the path I am on now.


My sister and BFF, Kate


What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship sparks with an instant connection and is then created through nurtured and reciprocated love, compassion and support. Reciprocity is KEY

friendship is that divine space between people that is filled with a consistent exchange of positive energy.


Do you have a favourite Tee or Sweatshirt? Can you share a story behind it?

My favourite sweatshirt is a vintage ‘LA Raiders’ oversized jumper my sister got me from Los Angeles.  I also love wearing Mike’s tees. Both are super comfy and make me feel “at home”.

What does ‘living your best life' mean to you?

I am obsessed with this saying!

Living your best life to me means actively living your passion and purpose and being the best version of yourself, daily.

When we do what we love and operate from a high vibratory place, the universe rewards us in many ways.

I am a big believer in Karma – what we put out, we get back.


Keeping it REAL is on of our brand tenets. What does being 'Real' mean to you and what value does it hold - if any?

Being real means being authentic. To me, authenticity is being brave to be your true self; to know that there is only one YOU- this holds more power than anything. When we can confidently be our real selves, magic happens.

The values attached to REAL are honesty, vulnerability and mindfulness. These should be applied to yourself and to others.



Tell us three things about your tween years (it can be anything) and any advice you'd give your younger self now ☺


The first things that come to mind about my tween years are dancing, Castaway Island, Fiji (our family holiday destination) and magic – my neighbour and I were obsessed with tarot cards, fairies, crystals and incense. We each had an alter in our room dedicated to our spiritual practices – over 20 years later, I have the same beliefs and dedication to exploring and evolving myself spiritually.


If I could travel back in time I would teach myself JOMO – the “joy of missing out”. It was only in my older years that I understood confidently saying ‘no’ was necessary for survival. The more time you invest in yourself, the better your world and the worldwill be.


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