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Star Wars heroine Rey finally steps into her Jedi power only when she's pushed passed her insecurities.

Her mentor, Princess Leia's advice leading up to this pivotal moment?

"Never be afraid of who you are!"

Our resident emotional intelligence expert Laura Chappell says this is a move Tweens need to make sooner rather than later in their quest for MORE JOY and living their best life. 

How to hold true to you? Read on Heros...



Who am I? 

Not an easy one to answer!

Tween + Teenage is a time of growing independence. And as part of that growth humans (psychologically speaking) start to explore their identity.

In lay-speak that's: thinking about who are and what made you that way. 

It’s a time of change and exploration. You’ll have fun experimenting with different looks - altering your hair and clothes…likely on a regular basis. You’ll try new hobbies and interests; seek out new approaches to familiar situations; question the world around you and push boundaries you previously just accepted.

These are all a normal part of self-discovery.

What makes a challenging situation more complicated, is while you are finding ‘YOU’, other people will try to influence the person you become.

Sound familiar?

They may be those closest to you, or people who aren't. Lots of people have lots of opinions about what is best for everyone else - including you - and about who they think you are, or who they believe you should be.

And that can feel ... overwhelming!

The opinions of these often, well-meaning people, might start to confuse you. You may change the type of person you truly want to be, to make other people happy.

It makes expressing yourself and 'staying true to YOU', feel  harder than it should at times, right?

And sameness feels safe.

But here’s what’s interesting…

The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘identity’ as the following:

'Who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that makes them different’.

So, by definition, not only is it OK to be different, you are meant to be different. It’s what makes you, YOU.

And REAL talk: people will challenge you in big and small ways your whole life.
Sometimes they may not even know they're doing it. But in owning your truth you build resilience - an inner shield - to defend yourself from being bothered about that. And the Tweendom's no better time to start!

My HOT 3 REMINDERS in staying true to you are:

1. Hang out with people who accept you for who you are.

..who champion you instead of criticise.

If you find you're always being criticised you're in the wrong circle. 

2. Bullies and haters will not be remembered at the end of the day.

You have to be something, achieve something, stand for something in your own right in this life. That's what lasts. That's what defines us!

True power lies in being brave. Being your best. And being there for your friends so they're there for you too.

Not in dragging others down.

Segue way to...

3. Yes it's a meme but finding + Being YOU, really IS your super power.

Find that power in your Tweens, and use it with KINDness and you'll enjoy:

- higher self worth
- more confidence to put yourself out there
- and higher chances of performing well

Really, the list of positives you'll find if you research this is plentiful! 

Basically you're in for More Joy and success in the days ahead.
And that's what we all want right?

Find your force.

Best wishes,
Laura x

Cover image credit: STAR WARS. Produced by LucasFilm + distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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