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A quarter of the year is done already (WOW) and that means if you’re the New Year’s Resolutions type, it’s your time to check in on how those GOALS are going.

Part of our "Keeping it Real" mantra is about consciously setting REALITY CHECKS like these. Staying accountable to ourselves and others. And injecting energy into what can become routine. 

For now though, things are far from routine. Much of the world is seeing the year shape up differently to what they'd envisaged. Maybe it's time to get creative and pivot on your previous goals and rethink what success looks like for you. Or maybe the goals are the same but your plans for getting there need reworking.

This is your time to do what you need to!

With the same 168 hours in the week as the rest of us, our tween community wanted to know how the people they aspire to (for the sake of argument let's pick the power Queen herself, Bey) achieve their goals.

Yes hustle hard, but also hustle smart.
And be kind on yourself. Good things take time. And Bey did not slay in a day. Nor did she always have a team behind her.

Our secret ingredient is (spoiler alert) JOY.
To us, goal kicking's a process. A game to be played not just won.
And we've training tips! You ready?..

Our TOP 3 TIPS to slaying like Bey 👇👇👇


EVERYbody's major stumbling block is moving a wish list into action! (we featured a whole article on this in the JOY Issue).

You need to channel your Bey power and set those intentions with a clear head and steely reserve. It's going to take work. So let's set you up for success. 

1. Clear your mind. Focus on what you want in life.
2. Now bring that forward to, let's say the end of this year.
3. Set no more than three intentions for how you want this year (even with all of its unknowns) will work towards your life goal.

These are now the goals to focus on.

Pop them up somewhere BIG and NOTICEABLE for every day reminders.
And ensure they're achievable in your time period - end of term? a year from today? by your birthday? you decide.

NOW comes the fun part. Roadmapping.

Grab your smoothie and an hour to yourself (or you could rope in a parent for their advice) + work through the following:

  • steps to achieve each stage of the goal;
  • when each step could realistically be completed;
  • who might I need to help me do this;
  • what other areas of my life need to adjust to make this happen.

You now have goals and goal milestones. You're on your way!

Segue way to..


NeuroScience confirms our brains love a good list.
In fact many of us can feel the job is done once the list is made. Time to sit back, admire the list then go watch Netflix right?
Er no. 

Some of it'll be fun don't get us wrong (and we're all about that), but nobody said it was gonna be easy.

We reckon starting out's the hardest part. Second hardest is maintaining momentum. 

So GOOD NEWS hustlers: we devised a no-fail checklist for overcoming the overwhelm and mojo-flailing days

  • Break big tasks into bite size chunks
  • Start today! Don’t delay
  • Always show up
  • Allocate a time for the tasks you like least and let nothing stand in your way from getting them dusted!
  • Tell a buddy - be they friend, teacher or parent about what you’re doing so they keep you accountable and can share in your future success (yes, we believe!) 
  • You deserve to celebrate every single large or small win so DO! 
    Pat yourself on the back or the butt or shout from the rooftops or whatevs...
  • And then KEEP GOING. A milestone win is not the final goal scored! 
    Eyes on the prize people. Queens don't rest on their laurels :)



GOAL SCORE? Hundred cheers to you!! 

First things first THANK EVERYONE that’s helped you get there 'cos success is rarely a one person show. 

And best of all…that winning feeling feels soooooooo gooood shared!

Now let’s talk ‘After Party’ plans: You’ve taken time out to chill we hope. Now set new goals. And go again. When you keep the momentum up, it feels like a game. The trying, succeeding, even failing-learning-and resilience building, will become second nature. And aiming and going after something - in fact the whole journey to get it - will become both easier and more enjoyable the more you stick at it. 

Our two watchouts - and we know you'll be sensible about this - are:

i. always celebrate your wins.

Even small wins are a win. in fact finding excuses to celebrate in life's just a good joy-making habit full stop. 🙌

ii. always allow time to chill between going after big goals.

Call it a holiday or a change of scene. Some regular me-time. However you do it make sure you invest in letting your body and mind slow, so they can recharge for the next adventure. The risk if you don't is getting stressed and unhappy. So it's a proper watchout.

Here's to your inner Bey and goals scored winners. 
If these (or other) tips help lift your game at all we'd love to hear!
Reach out via our contacts page and we could feature your story in future editions.

Happy slaying,



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