Radiating positive energy. We all want that right??

Enter RPK Energy Guru, Sean Hall.

You may have seen Sean via TEDx. And I'm sure you'll see him again here.
Our no1 guy on all things Energy related : how to maintain it, grow it + share it. Which of course plays PRETTilY into our KINDness revolution.

Sean, over to you... 

Have you noticed how the people around you can affect how you feel? Some people are really energising to hang out with, while others are energy vampires, literally sucking the life right out of you.


We often remember how a person’s energy made us feel for a very long time. So if you want to make a positive impression, one of the best things you can do is think about how you can become an Energist.


An Energist is a person who has the energy they need, to make a positive energy impact on others.


There are two important parts to this definition, the first is looking after yourself so that you have enough energy. This is important because when we are tired or grumpy that can make us an energy vampire, and nobody wants to be that right?

This is the second important part of being an Energist, which is making sure you are aware of how your energy impacts other people.


A great way to make sure you have enough energy first, is to understand the Energx 4Fs - Fuel, Fire, Feeling and Focus.


Fuel is the basic stuff. We’re energised when we get enough sleep, when we move every day, drink lots of water and when we eat healthy foods.


Fire is about the things that you know you’re great at. Think of them like your super powers. Often other people will tell you you’re great at these things too. We’re really energised when we use our super powers and we know that they have a positive impact on other people.


Feeling is about our relationships. Think of it like being a cheerleader. First of all, we need to be a cheerleader for ourselves. We can do this by reminding ourselves of our superpowers and making sure we use them every day. Then it’s about being a cheerleader for other people regardless of whether we know them or not. A great way to do this is to always be interested in people and showing kindness by appreciating their super powers too. And finally, it’s about surrounding ourselves with our own cheerleader squad. People who genuinely have got your back and will call you out when you’re not being real, pretty or kind.


Finally Focus is about the choices we make to fill our day with the activities and people that are important and that energise us. If you plan a day full of Fuel, Fire and Feeling you’ll have lots of energy, trust me!


Have you noticed that there are loud energy people, quiet energy people and then those in the middle? Which one do you think you are?


All of these energies are important and valuable. For a loud energy person to be friends with a quiet energy person they need to sometimes become a little bit quieter too, and then the quiet person can try to be a little louder.


The RPK challenge we're putting out there: how can you be an Energist today? Let us know how you get on!




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