Becoming a Tween has its marked differences from being a 'Kid' in quite a few ways.

One of these is how we treat our spaces - what we like to have around us - what we choose to keep, what we choose to display, what's precious, and the stories attached to those things.

Real Pretty Kind understands that what we curate to have in our lives is a reflection of who we are and want to be. And as Tweens this becomes an increasingly interesting question. Which is why we're always so stoked (Aussie term:)) to be a part of that!

Tweens At Home is about our SQUAD inviting us over to their Happy Places.

Sometimes this is their room. Sometimes it's somewhere special they've created elsewhere. But we think you'll agree each invitation + reveal is something PRETTY special.

This issue we're heading to the UK + checking in on Eliza. EnJOY. xRPK



3 words to describe my room would be relaxing, decorative and (quite often) a bit messy.


My bedroom is bright white and quite decorative, as I have made it my own with posters, photos, fairy lights and bunting.

However, my room is also quite messy at times, not because I like it like that but because I am not a naturally tidy person (as my mum would tell you!).

My room can feel very relaxing and calm partly because of the soft lighting and twinkling fairy lights but also because I keep my drums in it! That sounds weird but it is because if I’m at all stressed I love to play them, and after a good drum session I feel so much better and totally relaxed.

My bedroom also has my music speakers. I absolutely love listening to music and I’m always making playlists. This summer I got quite into rock music – I love The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana but I also love Billie Eilish and Lily Allen.



This might sound strange but I also love my wardrobe.

It’s just quite a plain white wardrobe from Ikea but inside one of the doors I have lots of photos up of me and my friends in photo booths.

When we go into town we quite often go to the photo booth in Urban Outfitters or this independent photo booth shop called Photomatic where you can dress up with silly props, hats, glasses etc

Also, in my wardrobe is a poster of a really amazing singer called Grace Carter. She used to live a couple of streets behind me and play on our road when I was much younger and now she is a very successful artist. Her music is brilliant and the lyrics are really powerful. I went to see her in concert earlier this year with my Mum, my sister and some friends of ours and one of the security guards gave me the poster of her.

The poster reminds me of that brilliant night.




When I wake up in the morning I have that feeling of literally having to drag myself out of bed, especially if it’s school!! So I like to give myself an extra fifteen minutes of being awake to prepare for ACTUALLY getting up as a nice bit of self care :). In those 15 minutes the first thing I hear is squawking seagulls, most people would find this annoying but I like it as it is a fresh reminder to me that not only am I lucky enough to live by the seaside but also that it’s a brand new day and I haven’t messed it up yet :-) ! Ha ha!



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