Self Care’s a buzz but is it relevant at Tweenage?? 

All the rage of the Teen and Twenty-somethings; we argue YES a healthy dose of self care is absolutely relevant and recommended in the Tweendom too.

At an age where navigating friendships is huge and anxiety stats in our Youth start to ratchet upward, these skills can be life changing.

Beyond face masks and bath bombs, Self Care is about Tweens being emotionally self-aware, self-KIND and empowering themselves - and in honing these skills, being better placed to empower and be kind to others. 

Healthy life habits? There's no time like the Tweens to start!

FIVE SELF-CARE TIPS to kickstart you:

    Essential set up basics: ensure your time won’t be interrupted. Doh! I know but this is easily overlooked and will totally ruin your time if not organised beforehand.

    We recommend parent backing. Agree this space in your week with them. And then turn your screens off (gah - yes we really just said that); pop on your favourite RPK tee and devote yourself to YOU. And if this involves popping on a scary face mask so much the better! 

    Everyone is different but we like to get our minds into the right frame. And to do this we treat self care like a ritual. Try stretching your body and lighting an essential oil/candle; or meditating for a few minutes before you begin. This removes random thoughts and calms your mind. It can make a massive difference to the quality of your me-time spent after.

    Indulging yourself with spare time in a week otherwise packed with school, homework, extra curricular activities and scheduled social events can be hard to come by (something grown ups can forget am I right???)

    So here's us saying GO, allow this time to do whatever you want to! You don't have to sit alone in your room. You could go for a walk/ cook/ paint / read..
    BUT (and here's the catch) it has to be healthy. And, ideally ALONE.
    The trick is to indulge mind, body and spirit. And honing the discipline of being comfortable with your own company. 

    At some point in your Me Time take the opportunity to check in on yourself.

    How's the week been. Are you feeling emotional. Maybe explore that. Writing in a journal or talking to a parent can help. Or are there things you've done or simply things about you – your mind, your nature, your body - you can celebrate? Do this often and regularly. 

    Spending time with yourself, not comparing yourself with others, breeds acceptance. And to any of the doubters reading this, know that the more personal validation you give yourself the less you go looking to others to give it to you.

    No-one wants to feel needy huh? 'Nuf said. 

    The appeal of Self Care is that it can carve out some luxurious space in your week devoid of 'things that you have to do'. Instead this space is about 'things I want to do'.


    But the magic happens when you start to include things in that discipline that affect your self direction - that rid you of your worries and boost self esteem. 

    We 100% recommend not making self care into hard work. Do what's right for you on any given day/ week. Indulgence some days is easier than a solid dose of introspection. But keep at it and you'll feel your mood shift, and your self-love and confidence grow. 

    Let us know how you get on. And here’s to time well spent!


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