Real Pretty Kind's Mission is all about adding MORE JOY to the Tweendom. And being a platform to raise Tweens voices as well as have their back, it's fitting that our launch Zine should hold in it some SQUAD views on what JOY means to Tweens - and their ways to finding it, in their own words 👊 

Today we're going to hear from both hemispheres by way of Australia + the U.S.

As ever we're struck by how everyone's ways in to joy can be unique + yet hold similarities.

A reminder we should listen up. We could learn something new !  Our understandings and our way of life may not be someone else's. And we hope you agree, that's more than a little crazy wonderful. 


Ruby | Sydney

Q1. What does JOY mean to you?


I believe JOY is what makes you feel the best version of yourself and the most peaceful within your life!


Q2. Where do you find your JOY? Are there any weekly rituals that help you maintain your JOY!


I think my body is like a mini world - spirit, mind, physical - that needs looking after for me to be my best.

So I find JOY by working on my spirit’s comfort; my mind's peace; and my body’s strength.

These four ways are the best for me to do that:

FRIENDS help me to express myself. They appreciate who I am and what I have to share. And I appreciate having them in my life to have fun and laugh with!


LAUGHTER is so important for my JOY! I never knew this until recently but laughter releases chemicals in your brain that make you happy, so even when I’m sad now I make sure I find some reason to laugh. I catch a funny movie, read a funny book or just hang out with my friends for a good laugh.



EXERCISING helps keep me healthy. It’s probably the endorphins but when I finish exercising I always feel 10x better than before! And I’ve found group sports have been a fun way for me to make new friends too.

GARDENING is one of my favorite ways to clear my mind and maintain peace in my life. By planting another life, I feel closer to Mother Nature. It calms my spirit and mind and also helps me feel accomplished knowing I have helped something else thrive and live.

Q3. Can your mindset influence your JOY?


I think my mindset plays a huge role in my overall JOY! When my mind is foggy or sad, my JOY is dampened and less powerful than usual. And when I’m feeling positive the JOY comes. It’s always been like this so now I think JOY is always with me it’s about me allowing myself to see it.


Q4. How do you deal with bad vibes/ stress and worries?

We all have weaknesses and bad days. I think it’s normal to fear and worry about them and I used to a LOT.

But it didn’t help. And now I deal with these moments really differently.

First I look at what is happening. Acknowledge my feelings. Feel ok about my feelings. And then look to find a light out of the darkness.

It helps me to know my JOY is ALWAYS there. I just have to find it !

My surest way it to find something I’m grateful for even if it’s something simple or small. That’s how I unravel the worry and get my JOY back.


All of us can get stressed about our friends groups sometimes. I deal with this by: 

  • taking a step back to see what, or who’s causing the stress
  • asking myself if I am creating this situation in my head (sometimes true!) or is this because of someone else’s actions
  • if someone is causing this I try talking to them, in a quiet moment, kindly and with an open mind to understanding their point of view and for us to be friends again
  • if the negative energy is coming from me, I work on my gratitude ritual to see if that helps me re-align


Q5. To leave us with, please share a JOYful memory - or anything else that evokes JOY for you


One of my recent joyful memories was when I went on holidays to visit my grandparents after not seeing them for 3 years! I remember being in the airport knowing I was 2 minutes away from seeing them, my whole body was nervous and excited and overwhelmed with so many emotions. Then as we went around the final bend, I saw them, leaped off the trolley, and wrapped my arms around them!

Suddenly all my nerves had disappeared it was all smiles. That moment was huge, huge JOY.



Chloe | LA


Q1. What does JOY mean to you?


Joy means happiness to me.  It also is something more that is exciting.  A good example of this is when I win lots of medals at a gymnastics meet.  Another example would be when I earn good grades at school.

Things like these make me feel joyful because it is the reward for something that I have worked hard to achieve. I usually celebrate these moments with my friends and family.




Q2. Where do you find your JOY? Are there any weekly rituals that help you maintain your JOY!

I do small things on a daily basis that bring Joy.  At gym practice, I try to earn Gymnast of the Day for one of the events. I try to do small things that give me a sense of accomplishment. 

I also like starting out my day playing with my best friend before school.  We play lots of things together, and she always makes me laugh.  Sometimes she makes me laugh for no reason at all.  She is just funny like that.


Q3. Can your mindset influence your JOY?


I definitely feel that your mindset is important in seeing and experiencing joy around you. If your mind is focused on seeing it, you will experience it more.


Q4. How do you deal with bad vibes/ stress and worries?


I try to focus on things that make me happy. I like things like dancing and exercising. I like moving my body in different ways.  You can show your emotions and no one is judging you.  You have the freedom to do what you want. 

Sometimes I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. So it helps to do things that calm me down. Art is one of those things that is calming and satisfying. It helps me to focus on Joy.

Sketching and drawing are relaxing for me. I can draw, paint or sketch out my emotions on paper or canvass. I can color how I want or blend colors to my own satisfaction. It is an escape from some things that might make me mad. It calms my stress and gets rid of negative energy. (There is no) judging when I am making art.  



Q5. To leave us with, please share a JOYful memory - or anything else that evokes JOY for you


One of my favorite memories of being JOYful was when I did really well at a gymnastics meet.  I came in first place in the All Around.  I had the highest combined score in all four events. I got a real surprise because I didn’t know that I would do that well. That moment was JOY 100%.

At that same meet, I met two people who are famous in gymnastics.
First, I met Miss Val. Her full name is Coach Valerie Kondos Field.  She was the longtime coach of UCLA’s Women’s Gymnastics.  I also met Chris Waller, who was the Assistant Coach of UCLA’s Women’s Gymnatics.  He is going to be Head Coach, now that Miss Val retired. That was a great meet and a REALly great day.


I have a bunch of other things that all bring me JOY. 

Day of the Week – Saturday:  On Saturdays, I get to sleep in.  I am pretty tired during the week between school and 15 hours of gymnastics.

Song – Happy by Parrell Williams: My dad and I would listen to this in the car on the radio.  We'd dance to it every time it played.

Smell – Crocs:  I like the smell of the rubber, not stinky feet !  I also like the smell of lavender soap.

Food – Hamburgers !!

Animals – Puppies every time. They are just so small and fluffy and cute.

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