Hanging with our domestic animal friends has been proven to lower human stress and boost happiness. 🙌

As well as delivering on cuteness and cuddles; pets also manage to teach us  compassion, responsibility and discipline - and could well ensure we get out and exercise more than we otherwise would too. #winning

So with all these positive attributes it seems fitting that each issue we feature your Furry (Feathered /Scaled/ etc) Friends and their stories. Basically, the pets that pour More JOY into the Tweendom.

So here's the deal. Send to hello@realprettykind.com :
2.  a high resolution photo (or pic you've drawn would be ACE also)
3.  a 150-200 word blurb including the following details 

  • Your pet's Name
  • Their Age
  • Their Species eg Black Labradoodle / Golden Hamster
  • Why they're special to you
  • Something we wouldn't know but would love to hear.
    eg a dog that likes dance music, a bird that says inappropriate things, a cat that thinks it's a dog, a horse that drinks tea...


If chosen, your furry friend will be featured in the next issue. And who knows - maybe even on a future tee we'd gift you. Woohoo.

Can't wait to see your snaps peeps. Furry friends are the BEST. We love them.

Happy Days!

Katie, Miss C, Disco + Midnight Bandit (featured) 👇👇👇



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