Becoming a Tween has its marked differences from being a 'Kid' in quite a few ways.

One of these is how we treat our spaces - what we like to have around us - what we choose to keep, what we choose to display, what's precious, and the stories attached to those things.

This self-expression is a part of our TRUTH. Our story and aspirations.

And just like the humans that dwell there, our spaces are unique - and more interesting as we get to know them better.

This issue we're heading to Melbourne, Australia + hanging...  




Welcome to my room, a.k.a my resting place, my secret area and my ‘I wish I had a lock’ spot.

I love all the different aspects of my room. Everything in here is special to me in a different way. Some of the most special and sentimental things are objects I've had forever, and some are really not very old.

I have soft toys that I got before I was born, cuddled all through my younger years, and now they keep me company here. Other things that are close to my heart are cultural things - my music box from Paris, my snow globe from New York.

One of my great treasures my soft toy ‘Mousey’. I got her when I was born. I also love my "sunshine" pillow because my mum gave one to me and to my sister. On the back it says ‘You are my sunshine’ which is a song my mum used to sing to me when I was a baby.




My shelves are peppered with things I love too. On the left here is my snow globe from New York. It’s really cool because to protect it you can lift up the top and put the snow globe inside the ‘present’. It’s special. My cousin gave it to me and I always look at it to cheer me up. 

In the middle is my ‘A’ light.  It’s glittery gold and has little lights on it. I got it from my best friend.

And on the right is my music box from Paris. It brings back amazing memories of this family holiday we took to Europe. We met my mum’s relatives in Italy, went to Disneyland in Paris, and had a white Christmas.

And best 'till last: my bed! 

Bed is definitely my happy place. Above it hang two of my favourite posters. I love having them there to start the day. If I wake up and don’t feel like going to school I just look at them prompting me to SHINE BRIGHT and STAY AWESOME. They boost my attitude.

In this cover photo I'm reading ‘Sweet Honey’ by Cathy Cassidy. But I could equally have been just chilling out listening to music or sleeping.  I sometimes watch videos on my iPad. Right now, I am loving Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’. And have you seen her new documentary??

This is me. Thanks for visiting.

Anya x

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