Welcome to the Tweens At Home Series.

Here our SQUAD invite us over to their Happy Places. 

Sometimes this is their room. Sometimes it's somewhere special they've created elsewhere. But we think you'll agree each invitation + reveal is something PRETTY special. This self-expression is a part of their TRUTH. Their story. 

And you're invited! 😀

This issue we're heading to Sydney, Australia + hanging...  



Hi I'm Emmy

The space I love to go to or make for myself is actually in my house and halfway up my staircase. It is a cosy little spot which is perfect to fit a few of my favourite things.

I like this space the most because it is a private spot just for me except when my family need to come up or down the stairs .... but I like being halfway between our two levels because it means I am still part of what is going on in my family and it is still quiet and cosy. 

I can make it my own cool space by using my favourite blankets, cushions and a couple of my favourite things.

I always have a few of my favourite things that mean a lot to me. The most important is Tommy - he is a little bunny that I have had since I was born and he pretty much comes everywhere with me in the house. I don't usually take him out because I don't want to lose him. He makes my space extra special. 

I also love to have a favourite book and a journal or art book. One of my favourite things to do is draw so it's always good to have my art books close. I usually have my laptop as well because sometimes I chose to watch a movie, my favourite You Tube or have my favourite music playing. AND FOOD (obviously!) typically chips or a plate of strawberries (or both).


Most of the time I create this cosy spot on a weekend or in the school holidays when I have extra time to sit there for a while. It's so nice because late in the afternoon the sun comes in through the blinds too. It's definitely one of my favourite things to do just for me.

My fave tunes/artists right now are Sheppard, Billie Eilish & Ariana Grande on loop. I also I love Harry Potter - more than a little bit. There are quite a few characters I really love but my favourite would have to be Hermoine. I think she is my fave because she is very smart and really good at her spells. She looks like she would be a nice person to have as a friend. I have watched all the movies a few times over and over! 😂 It's hard to pick between a couple of favourites but I think I would choose Deathly Hallows Part 2 because it is very intriguing and exciting. You don't know what is coming next especially when Harry Potter and the rest of Hogwarts come together to fight Voldemort (he who shall not be named). My favourite Hogwarts house is Slytherin. Slytherin are not really the most typically liked house but I feel like it's good that they are different and it makes them stand out in a unique way. I especially like what they stand for which is cunning, strong, ambitious and determined. 

I guess in some ways the house groups of Harry Potter are a bit like different groups at school. They are all different but within each group they support each other because they think the same way. 
But I suppose sometimes that makes it easy to forget that people outside the group don't always feel the same or have the same ideas...

Thanks for visiting. x




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