HELLO Hormone Health! 💪 Excited? You should be!! 

The Tweendom is full of changes + your bod is most definitely one of them. So learn up. Knowledge is power⚡️⚡️

Hormones effect your body shape, your mood and your performance. These are all MAJOR reasons to pay attention to them.

Luckily we have our Resident Expert Nikki here, to serve up a healthy dose of hormone facts and inspo to get you living your best life.

Nikki, over to you. x 


An Intro for the Tweendom

by NIKKI GONDA Owner of  My Moonbox


OK, so you’re reaching the age when your body is beginning to change.

Perhaps you’ve grown taller or put on some body weight, or hair has started to grow in place it’s never been, maybe you’re feeling strong emotions that you've never experienced before, noticed a new body odor or a few pimples are popping up here and there! If this is the case, it’s time to say HELLO to your HORMONES.

Yep, our good ol' hormones are responsible for the changes that both girls and boys experience as they get older and go through puberty.

It’s important to know that every single person experiences these changes

it’s totally natural, normal, exciting and certainly nothing to be embarrassed or scared about. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, that okay, it just takes understanding what’s going on and how you can best support yourself during these years so that you can stay cool, calm and collected AND most importantly know that you’re never alone!

Firstly, what are hormones and why are they important?

Hormones are chemical messages that communicate with different parts of the body and bring about changes. They are essential to being healthy and happy!

Boys and girls have some of the same hormones, however boys have more androgens and girls have more estrogens and it’s the different levels of these hormones that make the differences in their bodies.


Here are


to get your daily routine in shape for happy hormones! 


  1. Start your day strong with a hormone nourishing breakfast!

    The food we eat is either going to make our hormones healthy or cause an imbalance. So, when you wake up, the first thing you can do for your hormones is to eat a healthy breakfast!

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but starting the day with sugary cereals are going to mess with our hormones causing mood swings, acne breakouts, energy dips as well as period problems like cramps for girls.

    Sugar is not a friend of our hormones!
    So a great way to start the day strong would be eggs or avocado on toast, porridge with fruit or a big smoothie!

  2. Every day pay attention to how you are feeling.

    Changes in hormones don’t just affect us physically but also emotionally. It’s nearly impossible to happy all of the time so if you’re feeling good one day, then angry, moody or sensitive the next - that’s totally okay, be extra kind on yourself and know that feeling are just like waves, they come and go. You never have to deal with any thing on your own, so reach out to family or friends for support, Another great thing to do is to journal. Write in a special diary about how you are feeling, and once you get it on paper you’ll find that your feel a whole lot better!

  3. Move your body! 

    Whether its a walk to the park, dancing, skipping, swimming or school sports
    exercising every day is GREAT for your hormones
    as it boosts endorphins which are “feel-good chemicals that will improve moods and relieve any stress or anxiety. 


Our hormones will be changing throughout our entire lives bringing on all sorts of changes in our physical and emotional bodies. So instead of worrying about what’s to come, embrace the changes by better understanding and supporting your body, so that the journey to becoming you is FUN.



Photo credit: instagram @_delighted

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