It’s wisdom as old as the hills, scientifically endorsed, and (we like to think) just a little bit magic.

Benefits include:

  • improved heart rate
  • lowering of stress
  • better sleep
  • calmer thoughts + balanced emotions
  • better focus on the tasks at hand

So for budding Change Makers this can be a great tool in your armoury ⚡️

Ok you say, so what's involved?

The short answer is: Be present. in the HERE. AND. NOW.

We do this by tapping into our body and how it's feeling. Slowing the mind. And for a moment, letting every day concerns just...BE.

Sound unproductive? It's not!  By doing this, even if only for a couple of minutes a day,  we take the energy we were investing in concerning thoughts, and put it back into banking some CALM for our heart and mind. 

An incredibly powerful technique for all the reasons listed above. 

So let's get started!

Here's two Tween-proven mindfulness exercises by Paul Linden PHD. And a walking meditation you can try with friends or family. This last one's great for active Tweens to try on holiday, so you get practised at how it works and can tap back into the power of it later in the year.

Any of these, any time, anywhere, will invoke calm and clarity...


Everyone has something or someone that makes them happy inside —perhaps a friend, a child, a flower, a piece of music. Stand with your eyes closed, and spend a moment thinking about whatever it is that makes you smile inside. What happens in your body? Most people experience a softening and warmth in their chest, and a freeing up in their entire body.



Imagine that you are a star or a firefly or a light bulb. What do you do? You shine. Feel every centimetre (or inch) of your skin glowing outward, as you shine in every direction—as far out as you wish. How does that feel? Most people experience this as spacious and calm.



Try if you can to find a coastal walk. Otherwise grab an ocean soundtrack of the waves - ideally without accompanying music - slip your headphones on and start walking. As you walk, look at (or imagine) the ocean. Let the ocean wash away any concerns. You are simply breathing and walking, and the waves are crashing. If negative thoughts arise let the next wave wash them away. Walk, breathe, listen. Feel your shoulders relax. Feel the ground under your feet. Feel the breeze or sun on your skin. Walk for as long as you want. At the end of the walk keep the sound on and take three deep belly breaths - in the through your nose for three seconds, hold for three seconds and exhale slowly out of your mouth for three seconds. Now grab your day.


Let us know how you get on beauties!

And if you’re a Tween who’s found any Meditation or Mindfulness practices particularly helpful and you’d like to share them with the wider RPK Tween community, please write in with your suggestions to e:hello@realprettykind.com including your name, age and the source (if you know it) for your practice; and we’d be happy to share.






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