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We all want great skin. Clear, bright + healthy. But enter the Tweendom and things can REALly skip sideways. 

Which is (Gah!) SO unfair, as until now you'd really not had to think about it much. 

We've got your back beauties. Enter our resident Skin Health Expert Hannah Patterson with her Top Tips for Tweens, to bring the JOY (and glow) back!

Whether you're entering the Aussie Summer hols or Northern Hemisphere's Seasonal Central Heating-wave, check in here for Hannah's Science-Smarts feat Your-Daily-Skin-Health-Hacks. 

Your daily must-dos for skin joy answered. Hannah, over to you..



The year is 1998, I am 14 ( you do the math) and a song called everybody's free to wear sunscreen is released.

Of course the advice is to wear it and when it comes to skin care at any age this is numero uno!

People often forget that our skin is actually our largest organ, so we need to be KIND to it. And due to the naturally occurring hormonal changes you’ll be getting in the Tween years, this is really THE BEST time to kickstart this kindness, and start a routine you can stick with!

Read on for your 3 SIMPLE AM/PM steps 👇👇👇


  1. Cleanse 


Every morning and every evening you need to wash your face using something gentle and respectful toward your skin. Everyone’s skin type is different and that’s fine, if we were all the same what a boring world it would be, but you must never strip your skin of its natural oils, even if you have oily skin. If you strip the oils your sebaceous glands will go into overdrive and produce more oil; you can’t fight nature!

A good honest dermatologist recommended brand is cetaphil. Easily available, a great price point and they do different ranges for different skin types!


  1. Moisturise


This is super important and for years to come your skin will thank you for it! Think of your skin as your first defense, and it needs to be hydrated.


For different skin types here I would recommend two different brands.

Combination/ oily skin

La Roche Posay effaclar

This is a great brand produced by dermatologists in France, they use thermal spring water as their base and efficacious ingredients that won’t irritate your skin but soothe and treat it.

They offer a tinted version of this if you want a little coverage too, it’s just a win win product! (and no this is NOT an ad).

For balanced skin I would recommend a brand called the ordinary (again, not an ad). For under $10 you can get a moisturiser called natural moisturising factors plus HA.

Note: The HA is hylauronic acid , and before you panic at the word acid don’t, it works as a humectant sucking the water and giving skin greater hydration, it won’t harm you just make you glow! 😀


  1. Protect


Ok back to sunscreen.

There are two types of rays we desperately want protection from. UVA + UVB.

UVB will burn you and cause damage to your skin. And UVA is an evil-genius ray of light. It can even get through windows and it wreaks havoc on your skin. If you ask any dermatologist what the best anti wrinkle cream is; they will always say sunscreen for this reason. 

So come rain or shine , indoors or out, put sunscreen on!


For body you need to look for a factor 50 at least with a high UVA protection also.

For your face due again to your hormonal changes I would look for something more specific.

Again la Roche posay win here with their sunscreen brand anthelios.

They use mineral not chemical sunscreen so it’s kind to the coral reefs as well as your face, and it comes in a formulation for oily to combination skin and balanced skin so it won’t cause you to break out. 

It’s also very moisturising so you could replace step two with step three in the morning and skip step three at night time! 🤙


That’s all for now beauties, start that routine and remember

kindness is key to everything, and self care in the Tweendom is a great place to start!






Cover Image Photo Credit: Linh Ha on Unsplash

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