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 Every neighbourhood has it's own tribe and it's own vibe. And we love that!

This feature RPK's SQUAD on both sides of the globe take us back to their locale, for the down-low on what this time of year is like there; as well as their top picks if you were to come hang in the 'hood.

Jetsetters, consider this your local scoop. You'll need your SPF, a cute sun hat(oh hello RPK😀) and warm woollen scarf. We're going global ⚡️


Squad, over to you !! x 👇


3 Words to describe my 'hood:

Bondi is a beachy, beautiful and lively suburb. 

Here's what's great about it this time of year

I love December and January as its coming to the end of the year but also summer is upon us.

Around summer Bondi completely changes there more tourists, more activity and more heat, it is busy and lively and most days are spent by the beach with my family and friends - relaxing in the sun, going to my favourite gelato shop called “Anita” on the beach front, or cycling around the neighborhoods.

Summer's vibe is a reminder that the year is nearly over - that with the new year I am able to achieve anything, to start fresh on old mindsets or problems I may have felt during the previous year. 

What's on 

The Christmas tree:

This is a huge decorated tree in the middle of the city covered in decorations, with nearby food stalls and music. Its vibrant lights, beautiful ornaments and live music always sparks the Christmas spirit and makes coming here with family a magical night. 


This is an exhibition held by the MCA Youth Art Committee. It invites youth from around sydney to view and collaborate on artwork from 6-9pm various times of these upcoming months. GENEXT is all about letting people be themselves in a judgement free zone with likeminded people. I love this because it always leaves me feeling inspired.    

New Years Fire Works:

These happen on Tuesday the 31st of December and the main event is near the Sydney Opera House. Smaller strings of fireworks run along the Harbour so you can see the entertainment from all over inner-Sydney.

Colorful and captivating, the fire works mark the end of 2019 and the start of a new year and are held at 9:00pm for families and again at Midnight for the big finale. It's widely televised to music, so you can even see Sydney's fireworks from overseas!

I love this ritual. It's a wrapping paper for the year that's been, and sparks my dreams and aspirations for the year ahead.  


My Favourite Spot To Hang Out Is..

Bondi beach. I love it because it's close to home, has great places to eat and most importantly I love the ocean. Bondi offers a variety of things to do, I love going thrift shopping, getting ice cream, eating fishbowl; the best poke restaurant and most of all swimming in the ocean.

Being at the beach always relaxes me and makes me happy so when I go there with friends its a double bonus. 

Image of Bondi Iceberg's Ocean Pool




3 Words to describe my 'hood:

Busy, artsy and fun.

I have chosen these words because there is always such an exciting and creative vibe, everyone can be completely themselves and free and it is a very colourful place in so many ways.


Here's what's great about it this time of year

The great thing about Brighton this time of year is that it feels so Christmassy and festive. there are lights everywhere in the city saying things like “joy” and “peace” and “twinkle”. Everyone gets excited for Christmas very early, I sometimes see Christmas trees in people’s houses at the beginning of November!


What's on

In December and January you can go ice-skating here next to the beautiful Brighton Pavilion. I usually go with friends or family.

Every night in December you can go to a different beach hut as part of a live advent calendar. Each beach hut that takes part opens up and will be either selling little Christmas gifts (such as mince pies) for charity or it will be displaying an artistic Christmas scene or a message of hope or love etc.

On December the 21st there is the ‘burning of the clocks. People make or buy paper lanterns and parade them through Brighton before burning them in a big bonfire on the beach to mark the end of the year.

In Brighton, I like to hang out in Churchill square which is a big shopping precinct, but I also like an area called ‘North Laine’. This is where you will find lots of streets full of interesting shops like music shops, sweet shops, vintage fashion shops, a photobooth and interesting cafes and colourful characters.



 Image of the Royal Pavilion Brighton



3 Words to describe my 'hood:

My 'hood is fun. liveable. and multi-cultural!


There’s lots of fun summer markets, great beaches, yummy food. Something I like about Melbourne in Summer is that we don’t get too many really hot days in a row.


Here's what's great about it this time of year

The Queen Victoria Night Market - Food Market with global street food, live music and bars and shopping stalls

Australian Open Tennis - Heaps of fun rides, concerts, restaurants, entertainment for kids as well as tennis!        

St Kilda festival - One of Australia’s biggest summer festivals held on St Kilda beach

My Favourite Spot To Hang Out Is..

Sorrento and Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula because it is beautiful even when it’s cold and has the best fish and chips! The beaches are spectacular, the shops are awesome, the gelati is the best. Make sure to catch the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento. It goes across Port Phillip Bay and you might even be lucky enough to see some dolphins!



3 Words to describe my 'hood:

Los Angeles is warm, beautiful and exciting.

I live in a part of Los Angeles called Redondo Beach

It is very warm all the time.  It is usually 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21-22 Celsius). You can wear shorts almost every day of the year. 

There are flowers blooming most of the year around the city.  It is great to explore this city and to see all of the flowers. Last year, we had a Super Bloom where there were more blooming flowers than normal.

Living in Los Angeles is exciting.  There are so many things to do. Most of them involve outdoor activities at park and beaches.  I love going to the beach and doing acrobatics in the park.

Here's what's great about it this time of year


Although we don't have snow, the city loves to decorate for Christmas.  There is a neighborhood nicknamed "Candy Cane Lane" where all the homes get decorated in lights.  I love to walk around to see all of the lights and decorations.

To reach most things in Los Angeles, you need to car.  My friends and I spend most of our time in the South bay. This is area in Los Angeles is located South of the airport, LAX,  This time of year many homes are decorated for Christmas. 

We love to walk around Candy Cane Lane, where every home in the neighborhood is decked out.  We also like to browse the shops in the Hollywood Riviera in Redondo Beach.  And our performing arts center usually hosts the Nutcracker each year.
My Favourite Spot To Hang Out Is..

My friends and I like to walk around the Riviera and get treats at Baskin-Robbins or Yogurtland.  



3 Words to describe my 'hood:

Sunny, Happy and Calm

Here's what's great about it this time of year

In December and January in my area there is always lots going on. From Kids Days out to concerts in the park and giant water slides at our local shops.

Three favourite things I love to do during December and January in my local area is the Christmas Carols at Bella Vista Farm, The Christmas in the Hills Spectacular where there are concerts, rides and activities all day.

My all time favourite tradition with my family happens a few nights before Christmas. We all go get ice cream and then drive around checking out the amazing light shows on some of the local houses. 


What's On

Something that I think is pretty hard to beat in Sydney, where I live is our harbour! Out of the two most iconic things, The Opera House and The Harbour Bridge, I am getting to do two very cool things in December & January that relates to both of them.

As a ballet dancer my dream has been to see The Australian Ballet and we are getting to do this by seeing The Nutcracker in December and it is inside the Sydney Opera House!

Image of the Sydney Harbour and Opera House

Then to top it off in the January school holidays I will be doing something else I have always wanted to do and that is climb the Sydney Harbour bridge. I think it is pretty amazing that after years of driving over the Harbour bridge so many times I am going to be climbing to the very top. It's will be very cool!


Image of Sydney Harbour Bridge

My Favourite Spot To Hang Out Is..

Definitely my local park. It's so big and never too busy. It has lots of different walks & so many fun obstacle things to do. It's even more fun when I have friends stay and mum takes us there and we hang out. It's so good that it is so close to home and we can just walk there. My friends and I do video's of ourselves on the obstacles and mucking around 🙂




3 Words to describe my 'hood:

St Albans is Historical, Interesting + Celtic

Nearby London is  Busy, Exciting + Performance

Here's what's great about it this time of year

Where I live, it sometimes snows in winter and when it does the trees look beautiful. My garden gets completely covered with snow and is deep enough to build snowmen and have snowball fights!

In London Alexandra Palace is a great place to go because it is one of the highest points in London and you can see most of the city. You can also go ice skating in a large ice rink with lots of other people.

Another place I love to go to is the Tate Modern. 
I used to go regularly with my Mum and her friend, Laura. They have a range of interesting pieces from sculptures to oil paintings. There are regular exhibitions at the Tate that anyone can go to. (Editor's note: see our Art Clubbers report in The Joy Issue for one such exhibition!) 


Image of the Tate Modern by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash 

My final top pick is the Science Museum. It's great for science lovers and I've been multiple times. Filled with wonders and almost every room has something in it that's immersive or interactive. 

My Favourite Spot To Hang Out Is..

Wagamamas! a restaurant that serves Japanese food that my friends, family and I love. My favourite food from this restaurant is their chicken katsu curry.  It’s very popular with the girls at my school.

Credit Cover image: with thanks to Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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