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We're passing Tweens the mic on what our brand name means when you break it down. 

REAL. PRETTY. KIND. What's your view? We checked in with the Squad. And got gold.

Here's what they had to say 👇👇👇




Keeping it Real, to me, means to be you, keep it honest and not try to be like other people.

Amelia Earhart epitomises Keeping it Real for me. She was always brave and had a lot of motivation. Even when someone told her she couldn't do something she would do it and prove them wrong. 

One of my best friends is a good example also. They're always honest. And Kind. And they never lie.

Sometimes Keeping it Real requires bravery. One of my friends keeps pressuring one of my other friends to do what she wants, and not even talk to me (anymore). The friend who's having that done to her really needs to brave and true to herself, and tell that other friend to stop doing that, she doesn't like it. 

I think KEEPING IT REAL is about being true to you and if you're trying to be someone else it won't work. 'Cos you're never going to be that person. You can't change the way you are. 

My top tip for Keeping it REAL is to just Be You. And be the person who the Crowd is looking at. Not be in the crowd looking at someone else.



To me, pretty means being you and being happy with it. (Being) comfortable with how you look and you don’t care what people think. Not being nervous. And feeling beautiful on the outside and inside.  

One of my closest friends, we write books together, would be the person that I would say makes my heart light up with joy. She always has amazing ideas and makes me smile when I’m nervous. She always helps people whenever she can. Another friend is very outgoing and never fails to make people laugh, she always has something to say. She is a little bit crazy but we don’t care, she’s still funny and a good person to be around.

I do see saying someone looks pretty as being a compliment, but sometimes it makes me feel like they are only judging the outside and not what is in the person's heart.

To me “Always looking for the Pretty” means looking for little things that just lighten your mood a bit. Like friends enjoying themselves or a funny cloud shape.

My top tip for PRETTY is to accept who you are and be optimistic not pessimistic.
Lightening my mood makes the day a little bit brighter for me - and prettier for the people around me. Sometimes that could mean being brave and trying new things that I might not have considered before. But then I find that I enjoy it and it becomes something to look forward to in my week.



In my old school there were these kids who acted all kind and nice and seemed pretty and would always act innocent with a teacher; but when it was only them they would bully us.
When we tried to tell the teachers they thought that those kids would never bully anyone and ignored us.

Feeling real pretty to me is being confident in who you are and not changing for anyone or anything.

I take (pretty) as a compliment and it makes me feel relaxed because it makes me feel happy to know people like me for who i am. i don't have to change. 

My top tip for PRETTY is when I wake up I try to (think about) who I am and how unique I am.
I think if you can find joy in that, you'll be happy. And pretty.




It's such a shame that people choose NOT to be kind. It’s a much nicer way to feel and be kind to others instead of unkind.

I think so many times where we see unkind people (it's) because they may be jealous of someone looking like they are so happy and positive. They think that they will become more popular by putting down the other person.

I have sometimes seen this happen at school with people noticing the kind people having a lot of friends, and then making fun of them to get those friends to laugh at them.

I think on social media people can be unkind without being known, - ie. who they are or where they are from. So 'Kind is the new Cool' now on Social Media, probably to remind people to imagine how it would feel if someone did that to them and how they would feel. 

I think KIND definitely is cool.

Sometimes it might feel like it is costing you something if you are trying to help somebody that might not be being treated kindly. You might become involved and the person that is not being kind starts being unkind to you. But I still think it is worth being kind because you will have a much nicer group of friends. 

Kindness to me means that you are able to be yourself and not think too much about what other people think. (You just) treat people like you want to be treated. 

I think being kind is one of the most important things in the world. If everybody chose KIND all the time, the world would be a happier place.



Kindness is a way of showing you care for other people even if you don't know them. 

People don't realise how hard other people have it. Sometimes people don't appreciate that or one another. Sometimes older kids on the bus don't set a good example for the younger kids or be a good role model to their peers or respect the bus driver.

But small things can make a difference I think. At lunchtime we have a big cafeteria and sometimes people are sitting there alone and not with anyone. I try to sit with that person or ask them to come and hang with me and my friends. And in the locker rooms when people drop something I usually try and find that person as quick as I can and return their things to them. 

Kindness could cost you time. But actually it's not really 'wasting your time' ever, because they might really need that.

Kindness shows you really care about everyone in this world. It really makes a difference.



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